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Geneva, Vaud and Fribourg join forces for the first time for the largest food drive in French-speaking Switzerland, collecting 269 tonnes of essential items

Geneva, Lausanne, Fribourg, 5 June 2024 – In an unprecedented show of solidarity, the three cantons of French-speaking Switzerland have …

Valorisation workshops at Partage on RTS

The Fondation Partage and more specifically its development workshops had the privilege of appearing on RTS’s 12h45 programme on Tuesday …

Samedi du partage : 197.5 tonnes collected in Geneva and 70 tonnes in Vaud

Geneva and Lausanne, 28 November 2023 – An atmosphere of mutual aid, punctuated by gestures solidarity, was the order of …

June 2024

Volunteering and corporate responsibility at Partage

November 2023
Food aid hampers: vital help

June 2023
Professional reintegration at Partage

November 2022
Food waste: Partage innovates

June 2022
After the pandemic, Partage takes action for Ukrainian refugees

November 2021
Through your generosity we are helping those most in need

June 2021
Volunteers needed to prepare emergency aid bags

November 2020
Fifteen candles for the Partage food bank

June 2020
Covid-19: Sharing faces emergencies

November 2019
Sharing, on all fronts

June 2019
In 2019, the mission of the Partage food bank remains essential

November 2018
Partage, a local player in sustainable development

May 2018
Partners in Sharing: a daily commitment

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Reportage Léman Bleu à propos de Caddie pour tous 07/06/2020, Partage et le Samedi du Partage en ligne

Interview de Marc Nobs- Radio-Lac - 29 avril - 07:40

Vous n’irez pas à Milan, mais vous aiderez mille personnes – 20 minutes – 16 juin

Les course solidaires – Ecran Bleu – Tribune de Genève – 09 juin

Une machine pour recycler du pain invendu - Tribune de Genève – 11 mai

Partage lauréat du concours Agridea 2019 – Communiqué de presse – 9 avril

La Thune du Coeur se fête sur le Bateau Genève – La Tribune de Genève – 12 janvier

Paniers de Noël pour les démunis – RTS – 15 décembre

Interview Marc Nobs sur One FM – One FM – 21 novembre

L’émission Couleurs locales chez Partage – TSR - Couleurs locales – 16 octobre

Partage sur Léman Bleu – Léman Bleu – 16 octobre

Marc Nobs, l’invité de la Tribune de Genève – La Tribune de Genève – 16 octobre

Expo « zéro déchet » à Balexert – La Tribune de Genève – 22 mai

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Many actions are possible to help us fight against poverty and food waste.