Our actions against hunger and food waste

Collections and in-kind donations

Partage collects unsold goods daily in 90 supermarkets in the canton from the following brands:

Producers, importers, wholesalers and merchants from the canton of Geneva and French-speaking Switzerland are also making in-kind donations.

Where do the goods come from?

Do you have food items with a valid expiration date to donate? Contact our logistics department :

Label Partage

The label Partage

What is it ?

Sorting and storage

Every product that arrives at Partage is weighed and scanned. This allows Partage to know exactly the state of its stock.

The commodities collected are:

  1. Manually sorted and classified as “ready to be distributed” or “to be valorized” (for slightly wilted vegetables used for soup in the winter)
  2. Stored in a dry, cold room or freezer depending on the product.

The rules of hygiene and safety applied in our food hall are those of the Cantonal Service of Consumption and Veterinary Affairs (SCAV).

Packaging / Repackaging

Orders are prepared daily for institutions that place orders online.

Associations that cannot pick up their orders themselves can ask for deliveries.

Every day, nearly 50 associations and social services benefit from the redistribution of unsold goods by Partage.


biscuits prepared in 2023


kilos of coffee prepared in 2023

Over the years, Partage has developed several projects to recycle unsold goods, from making soup to cookies to roasting green coffee.


biscuits prepared in 2023


bags of dried apples made in 2023


kilos of fruit and vegetables recovered in various forms by 2023


bags of dried apples made in 2023

In the wake of the covid-19 crisis, Partage began preparing food aid bags for people in difficult circumstances in Geneva in 2020.

By choosing to support the Fondation Partage, which is recognized as being in the public interest, you are making a concrete contribution to the daily support of people in difficult economic situations in the canton of Geneva.

There are a number of simple ways in which we can take concrete action to help combat food insecurity and food waste.

Support us as a volunteer or by organising a fund-raising event!