Our commitment to professional reintegration

Our economic impact

Partage is concretely committed to helping job seekers through the provision of reintegration measures, notably through Solidarity Jobs.

Beyond the mission entrusted to it, Partage is committed to providing individualized support and training.

Helping people back into work is an integral part of our mission.

Solidarity jobs

Partage employs people who are close to the job market but who need specific support to enter the world of work. Through the various services and facilities it offers, Partage is committed to supporting, training and increasing their employability, thereby promoting their professional reintegration.

The Foundation offers professional training, personalised support and a safe, inclusive working environment where everyone is valued for their skills and contribution. Two-thirds of our staff are on Solidarity Employment Schemes (EdS). These are jobs for people who have reached the end of their unemployment benefit entitlement, and around 80% of the funding is provided by the Canton of Geneva. This partnership with the State and the joint actions that result from it enable professional skills to be upgraded and ensure that they correspond to market requirements.

While working for Partage and receiving a salary, each beneficiary of this programme receives personalised support. Once a career plan has been defined, training, mentoring or work placements can be offered. 180 people have benefited from this programme at Partage since 2008, when the scheme was set up by the Canton.

These positions cover all of Partage’s sectors :

  • Logistics (stock management, packaging, quality control, order processing, handling, etc.)
  • Driver/delivery person (3.5 tonne vehicles – organising and planning routes, loading and unloading goods, vehicle maintenance)
  • Kitchen assistant / Cook (Food processing, preparation of soups, biscuits, etc.) (work in soup preparation workshops, on the dehydration line, etc.)
  • Administration (Reception management, administrative support for the various departments)
  • IT (Management of IT equipment, software and access)
  • Communication assistants (management of social networks, communication campaigns, support for partnership management)

The measures proposed are tailored to the profiles of the people concerned, Partage’s objective being to enable its employees in Solidarity Employment to find a job in the ordinary market.

In 2023, four people working at Partage were back in work. This success has also been made possible by partnerships with companies, who are aware of the importance of their role in professional reintegration.

Other reintegration measures

As well as working with the S.A.R.E (in charge of Solidarity Employment), Partage collaborates with Travail’Plus (Armée du Salut) to offer beneficiaries work placements. Since 2023, Partage has been working in partnership with ORIF, which takes in young people who have dropped out of the labour market for pre-apprenticeship measures. In collaboration with the AI (disability insurance), it offers work placements adapted to health limitations, and works with the Probation and Integration Service to carry out community service. Partage also helps people with no initial training but with professional experience to obtain an AFP or CFC through validation of prior learning (art. 32*).

*Federal Ordinance on Vocational Training.

In figures


people with a solidarity job (EdS)


youths serving sentences (referred by the Juvenile Court)

Our three pillars

Partage’s action is based on the three pillars of sustainable development: social, economic and environmental.