Fight against food waste

Our environmental impact

A third of what we produce is produced… for nothing !

Did you know ? Every year, Switzerland produces 2.6 million tonnes of food waste. At least two-thirds of this loss is avoidable, i.e. the food could still have been eaten when it was thrown away if it had been used in good time*.

*Source : Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN).

Collection of unsold and surplus goods from food companies

Partage actively fights against food waste by collecting unsold and surplus products from Geneva’s shops and food companies: fresh products, dry products with a long shelf life and hygiene products.

Making the most of food surpluses

Innovative projects

Partage has positioned itself in the processing of perishable foodstuffs, in particular through the development of projects for adding value to foodstuffs and processing fresh produce from overproduction. These include making cookies from unsold bread and dehydrating fruit.

Key figures


kilos of unsold goods saved by Partage in 2023


tons of food distributed in 2023


beneficiaries receiving food aid from Partage every week in 2023