Partage's action is based on the three pillars of sustainability

Our impact

Partage’s mission is based on the three pillars of sustainability.


Partage supports people in precarious situations by providing them with basic necessities on a daily basis.


Partage fights against food waste by collecting unsold and surplus food from Geneva's food stores and companies. Partage also aims to valorize these goods.


Partage employs people who have lost their jobs. The various services and benefits offered by Partage allow them to get trained and increase their employability.

There are a number of simple ways in which we can take concrete action to help combat food insecurity and food waste.

Support us as a volunteer or by organising a fund-raising event!

By choosing to support the Fondation Partage, which is recognized as being in the public interest, you are making a concrete contribution to the daily support of people in difficult economic situations in the canton of Geneva.