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Samedi du partage

Samedi du partage ( is held twice a year, in June and November.

The next edition will take place on November 24 & 25, 2023.

The goal is to distribute dedicated shopping bags to customers in partner stores, who can shop for Partage. In 2022, we collected 155 tonnes and 193 tonnes of products respectively, with the mobilization of more than 2’050 volunteers.

Are you interested in supporting us and taking part in this surge of solidarity? Register here:

Sorting food and consumable items after Samedi du partage

Following Samedi du partage, 4-6 weeks of sorting are required. Hundreds of volunteers participate each year in this process, including several companies from the canton. This sorting takes place from Monday to Friday from 8am to 12pm. We accept a maximum of 15 people at a time and people over 16 years old.

Interested in taking part in this essential work? So don’t hesitate and register on the dedicated platform :

Emergency Aid - COVID-19

Preparation of food bags

The economic crisis linked to the Covid-19 has greatly increased precariousness in Geneva.

Thousands of people have found themselves in difficult situations and are struggling to feed themselves properly.

Other one-time events

Partage has occasional volunteer needs throughout the year. If you wish, we can add you to our list of volunteers and we will contact you via bulk email at these events.