Fight hunger and food waste

Our organization

The Fondation Partage can count on a team of employees in solidarity jobs, but also on many volunteers.

The team

A varied team at the service of a mission

36 employees with a solidarity job (EdS)

Marc Nobs, director*
Joseph Avrillon, logistics manager*
Filomena Barman, administration and finance manager*
Iris Di Girolamo, human resources and volunteer manager*

* Members of the management

Alban Aliu, logistician
Marie-France Bouchard, HR secretary-assistant
Catherine Christ Revaz, communication officer
Rachid Jelassi, foreman food hall
Amélie Höllmüller, communication officer
Aude Martenot, Secretary of the Board of Trustees
Margaux Mégevand, innovation project manager
Julien Rigoulet, communication and fundraising assistant
David Taioli, assistant logistics manager

Over the course of a year, we also welcome:

765 volunteers
12 civil servants
5 trainees
4 youths serving sentences (referred by the Juvenile Court)

Board of Trustees

Board members are volunteers and are elected for a period of 4 years.

Charles Beer*

Lecturer - HES-SO Geneva Former State Councillor - Public Education, Culture and Sport

Conrad Aeby*

Independent consultant / Former Sales & Marketing Director - Migros Geneva

Rémy Mathieu*

Financial Director - HUG / Former Financial Director - Hospice General

Sarah Busca Bonvin*

Partner - Etude Von Erlach Poncet SA / Former Deputy Director General - Geneva Cantonal Tax Administration

Lionel Brasier

Director of Assortments & Lines - Société coopérative Migros Genève Former Director - Dynapresse

Fabrice Eggly

Director of Communication & External Relations - m3 GROUPE / Former Director of External Relations - JTI

Anne Héritier Lachat

Chair of the Board of Directors - Hospice General Former Chairman of the Board of Directors - FINMA

Charly Galley

Committee Member and Vice President - AGEPA / Former Head of Non-Food Market & Supermarket Supply - Migros Geneva

Dominique Burger

Associate lawyer / Former President - Bar Association

Alain Bolle

Director - Protestant Social Center President - Collective of Associations for Social Action (CAPAS)

Bénédicte Montant

Architecte / Former Deputy - Grand Council of Geneva

Claude Ehretsmann

Member / Deputy Public Affairs Director, Procter & Gamble Europe

* Members of the Bureau

Partage was created in 2005 by 5 founding members: the Salvation Army, C.A.R.E., Caritas Geneva, les Colis du Cœur and Emmaüs.

Partage is the only food bank in the canton of Geneva.

There is a lot of options to help us to fight against food waste.

By choosing to support the Fondation Partage, which is recognized as being in the public interest, you are making a concrete contribution to the daily support of people in difficult economic situations in the canton of Geneva.

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