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Fighting against food waste

Collecting unsold products and surplus from food companies.

Partage actively fights against food waste by collecting unsold products and surplus from Geneva’s food companies: fresh produce, long-life dry products, fruit and vegetables and hygience products.

Partage is a committed protagonist, which participates in the implementation of 3 main political lines relating to Agenda 2030’s Switzerland-based method of sustainable consumption and production:

  • the increase in consumption is putting growing pressure on the environment: today Switzerland has already exceeded the planet’s capabilities in several areas,
  • inform and raise awareness among consumers so that they make sustainable purchasing decisions and adopt consumption behaviours that conserve resources,
  • Switzerland produces the most urban waste of any country in Europe: communicate about preventative measures with regards to production, transport, distribution and consumption.

Social commitment

Partage is distributing more than 800 tons of foodstuffs and hygiene products to 48 associations.