Our actions against hunger and food waste


Over the years, Partage has developed several projects to recycle unsold goods, from soup to cookies to roasting green coffee bean.

Partage actively fights food waste by collecting unsold and surplus products from Geneva food stores: fresh or dry products with a long shelf life, fruits and vegetables, hygiene products.

Partage is a committed actor participating in the implementation of the 3 political axes related to sustainable consumption and production of the Agenda 2030 in Switzerland.

  • The increase in consumption is putting a high pressure on the environment: Switzerland is already exceeding the planet’s capacity in several areas;
  • Inform and raise awareness of consumers to make sustainable purchases and adopt a sustainable behavior;
  • Switzerland is the country that produces the most urban waste in Europe: communicate on green measures during production, transport, distribution and consumption.

Valued products

Partage fights food waste by rationalizing and valorizing perishable foodstuffs.


Making soup from slightly wilted vegetables

During the winter, Partage prepares vegetable soup that is distributed to our beneficiary institutions.

An activity assigned to our cooks in professional integration.


Making cookies from unsold stale bread

This new project started in December 2020 with the collaboration of l’Hospice général.

Partage prepares the goods – breadcrumbs and other products necessary for the recipe – and delivers them to the Centre d’hébergement collectif d’Anières.

The cookies are made by interns in the center’s kitchen.


Roasting green coffee bean

This project is made from unsold green coffee, donated by coffee trading companies active in Geneva.

The coffee is roasted by a partner.

The milling and packaging  are done by Partage.


Manufacture of frozen vegetable sticks

Vegetables are prepared, packaged and frozen by Partage.

Dried fruits

Fruit dehydration

This new project is currently under development and will come into life in 2022.

Partage will develop a processing line that will wash, cut, and dry circa 150 tons of fresh apples each year. This will make 72,000 units of 200 grams bags of dried apples.

Part of the processing line is intended to be compatible with other fruits, such as apricots

All these valorized products are distributed for free – through our ordering platform – to the beneficiary associations and social services in the canton.

Exchange platform between food banks

Partage is taking part in a food exchange platform between Swiss food banks, such as Table Suisse, Table du Rhône, Table Couvre-Toi and some food wholesalers.

The goal is to optimize ressources to reduce food waste.

By choosing to support the Fondation Partage, which is recognized as being in the public interest, you are making a concrete contribution to the daily support of people in difficult economic situations in the canton of Geneva.