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Data protection and monitoring

Declaration of data protection

Every person who is interested in Partage Foundation, requests information, subscribes to one of our newsletters or supports us financially, communicates a certain amount of personal data. They are compared against our address list and safeguarded. They are used solely for our own needs.

We do not transmit your data, nor do we sell it to third-party persons or organisations. Our service providers may only use the information transmitted to perform their mandate and are obliged to comply with the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act (link), which are extremely strict in this regard.

Mail and telephone calls

Anyone who informs us of their postal address may receive regular updates on our activities by post, unless they expressly request otherwise. Telephone data is used by Fondation Partage to obtain complementary information and/or for telephone campaigns.

Electronic addresses

Anyone who shares their e-mail address may receive information (for example payment confirmations or information on events) by e-mail. Regular communications, especially the newsletter, are sent to persons having indicated an interest in our work. Anyone who no longer wishes to receive our newsletter can simply and promptly unsubscribe via the link given in each newsletter. Fondation Partage circulates its electronic newsletter via Mailchimp, which enables analysis designed to optimise our communication. Use of our newsletter (opening the document, clicking links) is recorded and connected with personal data to enable us to improve our offers.

Credit card donations

Partage Foundation treats all data pertaining to donations in a confidential manner. Credit card donations to Partage Foundation are transmitted in encrypted format to an external partner with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) certification. They are neither recorded nor used directly by Partage.

Right to information

We periodically provide you with written details of your secure individual data, which is subject to amendment or deletion at your request. All you have to do is send us an e-mail at

Monitoring of Fondation Partage

Three independent bodies are responsible for monitoring Partage Foundation :

  1. Auditors
    The presentation of the Partage Foundation accounts complies with Swiss GAAP FER 21. The Partage Foundation annual financial report contains figures and explanations pertaining to the operating account and balance sheet and provides miscellaneous information for purposes of transparency.
    BfB auditors and accountants (independent body) inspects and certifies the accounts of Partage Foundation every year.
    The annual financial reports issued by Partage are available on the website
  2. L’autorité fédérale de surveillance des fondations (Federal supervisory board for foundations)
    Part of the General Secretariat of the Federal Department of Home Affairs (FDHA), the federal supervisory board for foundations is responsible for monitoring foundations of public benefit working at national and international level.
    The federal supervisory board for foundations approves the articles of
    association and regulations of Partage and, as part of its legal duty
    of oversight, (art. 84, para. 2 CC), verifies the annual accounts with the annual
    report, balance sheet, income statement, annex and auditor’s report.
  3. The Zewo Foundation
    Non-profit organisations monitored by Zewo that meet the relevant standards, are awarded the Zewo quality label. Zewo is a mark for reputable organisations, which apply donations to a specific end in an economic and efficient way. They provide information transparently and earn the confidence of donors.

Further information on the 21 Zewo standards is available here: