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Partage acts on the three pillars of sustainable development

Being Involved

The “Samedi du partage” activity is organised by the Hospice Général, the Trade club of Geneva and Partage. For two Saturdays a year, in June and November, over 1,000 volunteers collect goods in numerous shops and supermarkets across the canton thanks to the participation of Geneva’s population.

More informations :

Become a volunteer for the “Samedi du partage”

Helpline : 078 692 90
in collaboration with Espace Entreprise

Samedi du partage dates in 2020:

–  5 & 6 June 2020
– 27 & 28 November 2020

Within your business, you can contribute in several ways:

  • Volunteer at Partage for a day. In teams of a maximum of 12 people, come and join our team and sort out the foodstuffs gathered over the period following the “Samedi du partage” activity. We particularly need your help in June-July and November-December.
  • Please contact: Anne-Lise Thomas
  • Organise a collection of goods in your own company. Download here the list of foodstuffs or hygiene products that we need most.
  • Please contact: Anne-Lise Thomas

We can place communication material at your disposal (in French or English) for a solidarity activity in your company that benefits Partage.

You can also contribute by volunteering during the period following the “Samedi du partage” action. We need you especially in June-July and November-December.

To register, please contact us.


Social commitment

Partage is distributing more than 900 tons of food and hygiene products to 54 associations.