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Our organisation

Organisation chart

Board members are volunteers and elected for a period of 4 years.

Board Members

Charles Beer*, Chairman / Lecturer, HES-SO Genève

Conrad Aeby*, Vice-chairman / Retired

Rémy Mathieu*, Treasurer / Finance director, Hospice général

Sarah Busca Bonvin*, Secretary / Lawyer

Alain Bolle, Member / Director, CSP Genève

Dominique Burger, Member / Lawyer

Fabrice Eggly, Member / Head of Public affairs, M3

Claude Ehretsmann, Member / Public affairs, Procter & Gamble Europe

Charly Galley, Member / Retired

Anne Héritier Lachat, Member / Lawyer, President, Hospice général

Bénédicte Montant, Member / Architect

* Members of the “Bureau”

Foundation Status
The Team

Marc Nobs, Manager

Hubert Pinier, Assistant Manager & HR (until 31. July 2019)

Iris Di Girolamo, HR Manager

Filomena Barman, Head of Accounting and Finance

Joseph Avrillon, Head of Logistics

David Taioli, Deputy Head of Logistics

Anne-Lise Thomas, Head of Communications and fundraising

Catherine Christ Revaz, Communications and fundraising

Marie-France Bouchard, Administration-secretariat

34 associates by virtue of employment solidarity (EdS)

12 “civilistes” (conscientious objectors doing service to community instead of military service)

705 volunteers