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Our organisation

Organisation chart

Board members are volunteers and elected for a period of 4 years.

Board Members

Charles Beer*, Chairman / Lecturer, HES-SO Genève

Conrad Aeby*, Vice-chairman / Retired

Rémy Mathieu*, Treasurer / Finance director, HUG

Sarah Busca Bonvin*, Secretary / Lawyer

Alain Bolle, Member / Director, CSP Genève

Dominique Burger, Member / Lawyer

Fabrice Eggly, Member / Head of Public affairs, M3

Claude Ehretsmann, Member / Public affairs, Procter & Gamble Europe

Charly Galley, Member / Retired

Anne Héritier Lachat, Member / Lawyer, President, Hospice général

Bénédicte Montant, Member / Architect

* Members of the “Bureau”

Foundation Status
The Team

Marc Nobs, Manager

Hubert Pinier, Assistant Manager & HR (until 31. July 2019)

Iris Di Girolamo, HR Manager

Filomena Barman, Head of Accounting and Finance

Joseph Avrillon, Head of Logistics

David Taioli, Deputy Head of Logistics

Catherine Christ Revaz, Communications and fundraising

Marie-France Bouchard, Administration-secretariat

34 associates by virtue of employment solidarity (EdS)

12 “civilistes” (conscientious objectors doing service to community instead of military service)

705 volunteers